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Salesperson and Management Performance Evaluation Tools to Help You Manage Performance Discussions and Identify Individual Development Needs

The assessments discussed on the Sales Assessment Tests page of this website measure an individual's talents. This is because strengths and weaknesses in specific talents are the best predictors of future sales performance. But, what do you do when you are not satisfied with a salesperson's performance, regardless of what their assessment results say about their talents?

This is when perceptions about the salesperson's performance can be a valuable addition to any performance-related conversation. Here are some important questions that can help prepare you to identify and leverage perceptions to improve individual salesperson performance:

  • What are your perceptions of the salesperson's performance of specific sales-related behaviors?

  • How do your perceptions compare to the salesperson's perceptions of their performance of these behaviors?

  • Where are your perceptions and the salesperson's perceptions similar?

  • Where are they different?

  • How can this information be used to develop an action plan to help the salesperson improve his/her performance?

Facilitating this kind of comparison, plus facilitating the development of specific action plans for improving salesperson performance, are the twin focuses of the new Sales CheckPoint survey tool. This unique survey (which is completed by both the salesperson and the salesperson's manager) delivers compelling information in three different levels of detail: 7 Universal Sales Competencies, 19 Key Skill Sets and 79 Behaviors... all of them specifically related to sales performance.

There is a similar tool for analyzing perceptions of a manager's leadership and management performance. It's called the CheckPoint 360. This survey collects input from the manager that is the focus of the survey, the manager's manager, and up to 10 Peers and Direct Reports (whose survey responses are kept anonymous to facilitate honest feedback). The CheckPoint 360 also reports results in three different levels of detail: 8 Universal Management Competencies, 18 Key Skill Sets and 70 Behaviors... all of them specifically related to management and leadership performance.

If you would like to explore how these tools can help you manage salesperson and/or management performance discussions and identify individual development needs, please send us an e-mail or give us a call at (866) 531-3917. We will be happy to schedule a no-obligation telephone conversation, during which we can review sample reports and discuss survey pricing.


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